Elevating Foreign Workforce Management with JSuitesCloud FWMS

Seamlessly Navigate Global Workforce Dynamics with Precision and Ease!


Effortless Client Handling

Efficient Workforce Handling

Comprehensive Data Reports

Efficient Client Navigation

Streamlined Employee Handling

How to use the FWMS

Log in

First things first, let’s get you logged in.

  1. Access the system by entering your credentials.
  2. Locate the sidebar on the left-hand side to begin your FWMS journey.

Managing Foreign Clients

  1. Navigate to the “Clients” section to view and manage foreign clients.
  2. Utilize sorting and filtering options to efficiently locate specific client information.
  3. Add new foreign clients seamlessly from the client list for real-time integration.

Handling Foreign Employees

  1. Access the “Employees” section to view and manage foreign employees.
  2. Use sorting and filtering features to quickly identify and manage relevant employee data.
  3. Add new foreign employees directly from the employee list to maintain an updated workforce record.

Generating Reports

  1. Visit the “FWMS Reports” section to access a variety of reports for companies and employees.
  2. Customize reports by selecting specific companies and employees.
  3. Export the generated reports to PDF format for easy sharing and documentation.