Navigating Employee Management with JSuitesCloud Human Recource

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Intuitive Employee Management

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Attendance Management

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How to use the Human Resouce

Log in

First things first, let’s get you logged in.

  1. Access the system by entering your credentials.
  2. Locate the sidebar on the left-hand side to begin your Human Resource journey.

Accessing Employee Information

  1. Click on “Employees” to access the list of registered employees.

Checking Employee Details

  1. From the employee list, select a specific employee to view detailed information.

Managing Salaries

  1. Navigate to the “Salaries” section under “Employees” in the sidebar.
  2. Access and review salary information for each employee.

Managing Attendance

  1. Go to the sidebar and select “Attendance” under “Employees.”
  2. View individual employee attendance records.

Generating Attendance Reports

  1. Access the “Attendance Report” section in the sidebar.
  2. Generate an attendance summary, filtering by year and month.