Smoother Work Journey with JSuitesCloud Claims

Expense Elegance: Effortlessly Navigate Reimbursements and Claim Approvals with Precision!


Seamless Claim Submission

Efficient Claim Review

Insightful Claim Reports

Dynamic Category Management

User-Friendly Documentation

How to use the Claims

Log in

First things first, let’s get you logged in.

  1. Access the system by entering your credentials.
  2. Locate the sidebar on the left-hand side to begin your claims journey.

Accessing Claims

  1. Log in to the Claims Management system and locate the sidebar.
  2. Click on “Claims” to access the main claims management interface.

Adding a New Claim

  1. Under “Claims,” click on “Add Claims” to initiate a new claim.
  2. Fill in employee details and attach supporting documents.
  3. Click “Add Claims” to submit the claim for review.

Reviewing Claims

  1. In the “Claims” section, review the list of submitted claims by employees.
  2. Change the status of each claim to “Approved,” “On Hold,” or “Pending” as needed.

Accessing and Viewing Reports

  1. Click on “Reports” to access claim reports.
  2. View and sort reports based on employee, claim category, and dates.

Adding Claim Categories

  1. To add new claim categories, click on “Add Category.”
  2. Add specific categories like “Travel,” “Medical,” or “Emergency” as needed.
  3. View and edit the category list directly from the “Category List.”