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Effortless Client Addition

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How to use the CRM

Log in

First things first, let’s get you logged in.

  1. Access the system by entering your credentials.
  2. Locate the sidebar on the left-hand side to begin your CRM journey.

Accessing CRM

  1. Go to the main application interface and locate the “Sidebar” or relevant icon/button for CRM access.
  2. Click on “CRM” within the sidebar to enter the Customer Relationship Management module.

Adding a New Client

  1. Within the CRM interface, find and click on the “New Client” button or link to initiate the client creation process.
  2. Fill in the client’s details in the provided form, including name, contact number, email address, address, company name (if applicable), and optional notes or comments.
  3. Save the client information by clicking “Add Customer” or an equivalent action.

Confirmation and Review

  1. After saving, review any confirmation message to ensure the successful addition of the new client.
  2. Double-check the entered data for accuracy and completeness before finalizing.

Manage Clients

  1. Navigate to the “Manage Clients” section within the CRM to view and manage your client list.
  2. Access the newly added client’s information and perform actions such as viewing, editing, or deleting as needed.

Client Groups

  1. Access the sidebar and click on “Group Clients” to work with client groups.
  2. Create a new group by clicking “Add Group” or select an existing group to edit, update, or delete.
  3. Group clients by navigating to the “Group Clients” section, selecting a group, and associating clients with the chosen category.